Who are you and why should we listen to you?

My name’s Nia El-Amin, I’m a licensed esthetician with a background in beauty retail and construction management. I’m experienced in both natural and dermatological grade brands. The beauty industry, specifically skincare, continues to be my first love and passion.

Why did you start NIA EL-AMIN SKINHEALTH?

NIA EL-AMIN SKINHEALTH was created to share my expert experience, tips, tricks and a few of my favorite products while empowering others to make great sustainable and practical skincare choices. My goal is to educate, dispel skincare myths and help people look beyond the power of ad-campaigns to find their best skin ever. The most important thing is to find what works for you so that its sustainable.

Do you write/blog for other blogs or brands?

Yes. I was the skincare editor of Well-Kept Beauty and contribute to SummerSoulstice LA. I write about skincare; specializing in practical skincare, skincare for women of color and holistic skin health. To get in touch with me, please email contact@niaelamin.com.

What are your own skin concerns and skin type?

My skin type is combination which fluctuates slightly depending on the weather and season. My main concerns vary but revolve mainly around hyperpigmentation with the occasional spell of dehydration and blocked pores.


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