5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Products More Effective

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

You bought that $100 serum, now what? An integral part of an effective skincare routine is using the right products for your skin type and concerns, but how you use them is equally as important. Below are 5 things you can do to make your routine more effective.


It’s important to remember that the skin concern you are treating likely didn’t happen overnight and will likely take longer than a night to address. There are products that can produce dramatic overnight results (i.e. lactic acid) but for the most part it takes time for products to really make a difference. For example, products that treat uneven skin tone/hyperpigmentation can take several weeks to see visible results.


For optimal results, your skincare routine must be used daily. Stick with it so that the active ingredients have a chance to do their magic.


Exfoliating a couple times a week allows ingredients to better penetrate your skin. Safe exfoliation removes the “barrier” of dead skin cells so active ingredients can penetrate deeper and work more effectively.


Think of damp (not wet) skin as a sponge; it quickly absorbs whatever is applied to it. This can be achieved by allowing your skin to stay somewhat damp after cleansing or by applying a toner after cleansing. There are some exceptions like sunscreen and retinol so be sure to always read the directions and instructions on all your products before use.


As much as possible, store your skincare products in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. With all the steam and heat, the bathroom is generally too warm, but it may not be realistic to store elsewhere. Personally, I store my skincare products in my bedroom closet.