Skincare Lessons I Learned by Watching My Grandfather

Although I didn’t realize it until I was a young adult, my grandfather had quite the impact on me growing up. The older I get, the more gratitude if feel towards him. He’s passed on now, but in the spirit of Father’s Day, I wanted to share some skincare lessons I learned early on from watching my grandfather.

The Power and Discipline of Routines.

My grandpa had rituals that he completed every morning and night. His morning ritual included stretching, exercise/movement, personal grooming, water and breakfast before heading off on his day. Of course, the essence of skincare lies in routines; creating a system of steps (whether few or numerous) to achieve a certain result. And in his 80s, he looked great and was in pretty good health.

Protective Clothing All Year Round.

I can’t say that my grandpa wore sunscreen every day but he did wear protective clothing all year round. I’m talking long sleeves and hat everyday in sunny California. Although he worked with his hands, he seemed to stay cool and out of the sun as much as possible. As an adult, I’m pretty vigilant about protective clothing and daily sunscreen application every day. I definitely attribute my “uniform” selection to seeing his daily fashion choices.

Get Your Beauty Rest.

Just like his morning routine, my grandfather had a nighttime routine that found him in bed pretty early. And it paid off because he looked damn good even in his 80s. A lack of adequate sleep can cause stress, dark circles and aggravate existing skin conditions including acne and eczema. He had none of that.


While there is some debate concerning Vaseline, it’s a great occlusive. A product that my grandpa used to use as a skin protectant, the same way I use it in the winter months.

My grandpa was a man of few words, but I learned a lot from watching him. What I’ve listed above is far from exhaustive, but just a few that are applicable to skincare.

Happy Fathers' Day to my grandpa and everyone else out there paying the cost to be the boss:)


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