Winter Skin Notes & A Simple Routine

Winter months can be especially trying for the skin. Our skin is always looking for balance, but it can be tough with dry, cold air outside and dry, central heating inside. Lack of moisture in the skin can weaken the protective barrier resulting in sensitive, dry, flaky, dull skin. Below are a few tips and adjustments you can make to help during the cooler months.

Over-cleansing. Be careful with cleansing brushes and harsh cleansers because they dry out the skin and can cause irritation. This time of year, your skin needs all the moisture it can get. You may even want to try switching to a gentler, less foaming cleanser for the winter months. (Rule of thumb: the more lather, the more drying.)

Exfoliate. Exfoliation is vital to combat dull, congested skin. Complexions similar to mine can especially look grey during the winter months due to dead skin cell build up. I prefer topical exfoliating acids to scrubs as they are less harsh on the skin. Look for chemical exfoliants with AHAs, PHAs. (Exfoliation is vital for face and body. Check out my post on layered skincare for the body).

Antioxidants. Topically applied antioxidants including Vitamin C can also help combat dullness.

Layers. Slathering on a thick moisturizer may not do the trick to hydrate skin. Layering the correct products this time of year is important to keep skin protected.

Hydrate. Add a hyaluronic acid serum to your routine in the morning and evening to add a little extra hydration in addition to your moisturizer. (Check out this Vitamin C and hylauronic acid duo).

Masking. Clay masks are great but can be drying. If you use a clay mask use a hydrating (gel or cream depending on your skin) mask right after for balance and a good hydrating boost. (Check out my post on clay masks for product suggestions).

Oils and balms. While I am a fan, I suggest using sparingly. An oil or balm should be the last product on your face as a protective layer, not as a moisturizer. (Check out my post on face oils for product suggestions).

Protect. Can’t stress enough how important it is to use sunscreen all year round. (Check out this post for ash free sunscreens).

Vitamin D. Take a supplement.

Below is a simple morning routine with a few solid product recommendations.

1. Cleanse with a gentle, low or non-foaming cleanser (FAB Face Cleanser, $21)

2. Use a good Vitamin C or antioxidant serum (Maelove Glow Maker, $28; LeMieux Vita-C Serum, $65)

3. Layer on a hyaluronic acid serum for beefed up hydration under your moisturizer (Maelove Hydrator B5 Gel, $28; LeMieux Hyaluronic Serum, $60)

4. Protect with sunscreen (Black Girl Sunscreen, $19)